Growing Hands Enterprise Development is a non profit organization initiative based in Vereeniging, Gauteng.  We are passionate about Empowering, Training and Enabling entrepreneurs in the small business sector to succeed, grow and create jobs for an empowered South Africa.   We want to address the needs of previously disadvantaged individuals that own and operate home based, micro businesses and SMME’s.

Mission Statement:  

  • To empower, train, and enable entrepreneurs in the small business sector to succeed, grow and create jobs for an empowered South Africa.
  • To establish and facilitate a supportive network to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals through institutional partnerships, mentoring and coaching and providing support platforms for skills development.
  • To enlist the assistance of expert volunteers to present programs, provide support for the delivery of the program to emerging and previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs.

Vision Statement:

  • To be the catalyst and cultivator of sustainable entrepreneurship / Micro Business in South Africa

We really want to do something to help that is meaningful and worthwhile for many informal or home based businesses operating within the Roshgold community. 

It is the dawn of a new initiative and depending on the response this idea can be developed!  We require your input on informal businesses and especially your home based business. Please put pen to paper and give us any detail on what makes you proud and happy about your little baby venture. Let your family assist you! Let your friends help and lastly, call the Roshgold News Team if you need assistance. 

If we can identify what our informal businesses require – we can investigate and see if such needs can be addressed. For example: Interest free loans, Workshops and Seminars, Advertising and Accounting advice…the possibilities are endless!

If you want to maintain confidentiality please do advise us and we will respect your wishes. Here are a few questions to get you going. 

  • What made you start the business?

  • What are your challenges in running the business

  • Do you employ anyone in the business

  • How can this Roshgold News initiative help your business

  • Did it start off as a hobby?

  • Do you want to grow the idea?

  • What advise you may have for someone starting off in a home based business

  • How do you market your products?

We also have a questionnaire available on request.


Donations; Loans; Assistance and Skills for the unique intiative and we want to help our Home Based Businesses and make a difference in our fight for job creation, poverty alleviation and Business Development. 

Please call Haroun Pochee on (016) 455 1436/7