About the company

Roshmetals & Minerals has been designed for a long term investment outlook. A portfolio of quality resource based investments not within a small investors reach. Roshgold’s 34 years of experience in collective investment portfolio to grow with Roshmetal’s high quality investment. It is our responsibility to create wealth, provide for your child’s education, invest for financial independence or simply create a nest egg for retirement. Invest for a long term growth and returns.

Roshmetals performance has been spectacular for those early adopters who invested when the fund was launched. An investment of R 450 rose spectacularly to a high of R 8500 at the height of the resource boom. Since 2000 the average annual rate of return has been a staggering 40%. Hindsight is an exact science. 

Here is yet another opportunity:

The Roshmetals capital structure has been altered to meet the needs of our investors. The unit price has been split by six to make an potential investors entry more affordable. Roshmetals is affordable. For approximately R 1200 you can enjoy investing in a quality resource portfolio. (subject to ruling market prices).

Take the first step:
· Take a stake in a quality resource and commodity portfolio
· Spread your risk by spreading your investment risk.
· Give your cash a chance to grow with longer-term capital appreciation.
· Hedge your money against currency volatility and the Rand’s devaluation.
· Protect your cash from the vagrancies of that monster- inflation
· Make your money work for you.

Do you need more motivation?
The resource sector has been under pressure as threats of a global recession, labour unrest in the South African mining sector, the financial crises and extremely volatile currencies have taken the shine of rising equity prices. The platinum sector is a case in point. After the 2012 labour unrest on South African mines the share valuations dropped to levels that made the sector attractive for investment. The valuations of mining and resource sectors NOW become more attractive to the demanding valuations of other asset classes like property and industrial and retail equities. So where should one be apportioning apportion of your investment funds? In a class of assets that offer fair value relative to expensive assets. Whilst past performance is not a guarantee of future performance you can capitalising on such a window of opportunity. Remember long term capital growth, a reinvestment of income and a spread of leading metals, minerals and resource equities listed on the JSE