Who are we?​

ROSHMED HOSPITAL INVESTMENT LTD’s (“ROSHMED’s”) inception in 1991 began with ROSHGOLD’S vision of
their social commitment to ease the burden of high medical costs for individuals.

ROSHMED is a hospital investment savings plan designed for your family’s well being. It is not a medical aid fund
but a collective investment fund based on Islamic values.

Whilst private healthcare is becoming unaffordable and state healthcare is rapidly deteriorating in infrastructure and poor quality service, ROSHMED provides a suitable alternative to meet the hospitalisation needs of individuals.
ROSHMED takes care of members by allowing a withdrawal of a member’s investment in order to cover prescribed hospitalisation costs.


Over the years ROSHMED has carefully built it’s core membership base and financial assets. ROSHMED’s stability is ensured through:
• Risk management with membership screening and pre-existing ailments
• Minimising loss through misrepresentation, falsification and collusion
• Investing surplus funds ensuring liquidity and solvency
• Providing members with the highest levels of hospital care
• Fiscal discipline and control


1. You as a member contribute a monthly premium to ROSHMED HOSPITAL INVESTMENT LTD.

2. 80% of a member’s monthly contribution is accumulated to your personal account out of which claims are
funded. A return is paid on the accumulated funds of the members account per annum. The member is
entitled to the balance of funds in his personal account upon termination.

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