About us

The name Roshgold originates from the town where the group was incepted being Roshnee in Vereeniging and “Gold” is due the fact the very first investments made were in gold shares.

Roshgold was based on a stockvel model, where members of the community put in a fixed amount of money which was invested and should a member of the community need a loan etc it was granted with permission and terms by the Board.

Roshgold Investment Holdings Ltd, established in 1984 has group assets in excess of Three Hundred Million Rand and its shareholders base exceeds three thousand shareholders. Although Roshgold does not expect to remain totally immune from the short term uncertainty in world markets, it is prudent to mention that Roshgold’s conservative decision-making which has been managed by an experienced Board of Directors and progressive management team has allowed the company to compete strongly in a treacherous economy. Roshgold is a safe, time tested and profitable investment. Aside from a reputable and experienced team, one of our greatest strengths in the prevailing economic conditions lies within our investment structure. Roshgold invests primarily in property which has allowed the company to achieve steady growth with a low to medium risk profile. We are confident that Roshgold is well positioned and will continue to capitalize on the opportunities at hand.Roshgold is Shariah compliant and has sound corporate governance.

Our mission is to :

• Maintain a well balanced investment group.
• Generate a regular stream of income and longer term capital appreciation for our shareholders.
• Nurture leadership with entrepreneurial skills and productively employ the capital harnessed.
• Provide a vehicle for upliftment, personal development and empowerment through finance, education and participation.
• To provide quality service to our shareholders while maintaining the highest standards of ethical behaviour.
• Superior investment services.
• We respect diversity.
• We are committed to putting our shareholders at the heart of our business, developing and maintaining long-standing relationships based on trust.
• Our shareholders always come first.


Roshgold offers attractive features for prospective investors:
• The portfolio is secure, well managed, well diversified, low risk investment
• Flexible investment options either lump sum or regular debit order investing.
• Appropriate for long term investment. There is flexibility with no lock in
period and you can top up your investment at your convenience.
• Sale of shares facilitated subject to terms and conditions.
• Free Zakaat calculations before Ramadaan.
• Sound advice on investment options for large lump sums.
• We strive to ensure Shariah Compliancy and liaise with the relevant regulatory
counsel to ensure Halaal streams of income for our shareholders.


Roshgold offers four investment options including Roshgold Investment Holdings Ltd, Roshsun Investment Holdings Ltd  and Roshmetals and Minerals  Each of these investment options have unique characteristics and risk profile to suit the individual needs of our investors depending on their risk profile, amount to be invested and frequency of investment. 

Roshgold enjoys the confidence of its shareholders, bankers and community at large. Roshgold declares dividends once a year and pays out in November each year with a return of 6-7 % per year.

Our team​

Haroun Pochee- Director

One of the founding directors of Roshgold Investment Holdings Limited. Charted Accountant with extensive experience in investment, business development and entrepreneurship. Through Entrepreneur Mentorship he conducts training programs for entrepreneurs run by and associated by NPO,Growing Hands Entrepreneurs Development. Through Growing Hands he has established a support system for businesses.

Aadilah Sallie-Manager

Aadilah Sallie has been with Roshgold for the past 7 years and is the manager for the Roshgold group. Please contact Aadilah for all general queries portfolio information and investment options.

Anja Goeiman- ADMIN/CLERK​

Anja Goeiman has been with the Roshgold group for the last 7 years. For information on how to invest and any other account queries, sale of shares and investment updates she is always ready to assist.

Nazeera Cajee-Roshgold Consultant

Nazeera Cajee has been with the Roshgold group for the last 2 years. For information on how to invest and any other account queries, sale of shares and investment updates she is always ready to assist.